Study in Finland

Study in Finland

Study in Finland is an ideal destination for international students looking for high-quality education and an enriching student experience. Finland prides itself on giving all children regardless of family income equal access to quality education, which can be seen through its many educational institutions where programs adhere to rigorous academic standards. Furthermore, Finland boasts one of the safest environments globally while still being serene enough for you to focus on your studies in peace.

As a student resident in Spain, you’ll enjoy many advantages as a resident. These benefits include tuition-free higher education for EU and EEA citizens as well as work-based residence permits that permit full-time employment with no language barriers; full-time work can lead to permanent residency status after four years. Furthermore, 24 universities and university of applied sciences offer English-taught bachelors and master’s degrees; they specialize in research and development while meeting industry demands; feature state-of-the-art laboratories, well-stocked libraries and advanced infrastructure.

Finnish universities and university of applied sciences admission decisions are determined primarily by high school grades, the final grade point average (FEE), and university entrance examinations – these standardized tests are completely objective and don’t place any weight on extracurricular activities, application essays or the human element in selection decisions.

Our analysis of factors influencing Finnish graduates to remain in their country revealed all positive effects, with most being stronger for master’s graduates than doctoral graduates. Strong predictors for staying included family ties and degree programme characteristics at HEIs; their importance being stronger for master’s than doctoral graduates reflecting differences in career paths between degrees, as well as evidence suggesting master’s graduates more often find employment within their fields of study.

Finland is also an attractive location due to its closeness with other European countries and ease of visa acquiring, both of which play key roles in graduate recruitment. Yet these predictors were less significant compared with other European nations; graduates with spouses who are Finnish nationals were found more likely to remain, consistent with evidence showing married couples more likely relocating together when both partners have jobs in Finland – findings consistent with our previous research which demonstrated marriage’s association with increased staying power for all types of migrants.