Top Architecture Universities in Europe

best architecture universities in europe

If you have always dreamed of becoming a designer, Europe offers top architecture universities which could make your dreams of becoming one come true. These schools provide full undergraduate programs and postgraduate masters degrees in architecture; additionally they provide internships and on-the-job training which give graduates a head start when entering their industry of choice after graduating.

No matter if your passion lies with art, design or engineering – Europe boasts some of the finest colleges to get your career off the ground. These universities feature cutting-edge facilities and amenities designed specifically to appeal to students; not to mention being well-renowned for academic excellence and their world-class faculty.

Established for over 150 years, this institution provides comprehensive undergraduate and graduate architecture programs. Their programs combine theory with practice to introduce their students to all areas of architecture – ultimately developing them into multi-talented experts in their respective fields.

This university may not boast the highest rankings, but their programs are widely respected. Their students learn about architecture through theory, history and cultural contexts; graduating as critical thinkers who approach design with originality.


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