GRE Exam Details

Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE for short. This exam allows students to demonstrate their readiness for graduate school studies in business, science and engineering disciplines. Test-takers may take it at any time during the year on a computer-based platform at home and ETS has recently introduced live proctors as well as temporarily waived rescheduling fees for them taking it themselves at home.

GRE verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning tests are adaptive; that means the questions become harder or easier depending on how well you answer them. However, analytical writing questions do not adjust with how well they’re answered by individual testers; human evaluators score them separately.

Analytical Writing section requires listening to and responding to a paragraph read aloud by an assessor, then responding accordingly. This tests your ability to form conclusions from reading materials, analyze arguments and evidence presented within, as well as recognize relationships between concepts and words. Please allow 45 minutes for completion.

The Quantitative Reasoning section comprises two 30-minute sections, with questions in both computer-delivered and paper-delivered formats featuring similar types of questions; they range from multiple choice questions that require you to select from several potential answers presented on a screen, to numeric entry problems where an equation or story problem or data set is provided along with instructions to enter your solution into an empty box.


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