Studying Supply Chain Management Abroad

Study abroad Supply Change Management

Supply chain management (SCM) encompasses an array of subjects related to business and logistics. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels may explore this subject matter; there are even online options for study available.

Studying SCM abroad offers students an exceptional opportunity to gain international business experience and broaden their employment options. Not only can it teach valuable business concepts, but studying abroad provides students with an unforgettable chance to learn about various cultures – making this trip both valuable and worthwhile!

Removing yourself from your comfort zone is an essential component of academic life. By stretching beyond your comfort zone and challenging yourself to work in new environments, you will gain confidence and learn how to thrive in different contexts – not to mention add it as an asset when applying for internships or full-time positions!

SCM emphasizes gaining an international perspective of business, including understanding how other nations operate. This understanding is especially essential given that modern businesses often must operate across international boundaries and cultural barriers, with studying abroad providing you with an invaluable opportunity to witness these issues first-hand and gain real world experience.

SCM students should consider studying abroad early in their academic careers to make it easier to incorporate foreign courses into their degree programs and take advantage of any additional study or internship opportunities that arise.

Supply Chain Management majors should consider studying abroad during their freshman summer to maximize the time they can devote to fulfilling both Business Foundation and Core courses abroad, and fulfilling their Global Perspectives general education requirement in an expeditious fashion. Doing this allows them to complete all requirements for their degree quicker than would normally take at Grand Valley State.

Students may choose to study abroad during their sophomore or junior year of university, choosing from various GVSU and external programs available. Before making their decision, it’s advisable to discuss all available programs with an International Programs and Study Abroad (IPSA) advisor before selecting one and their courses; it would also be wise for them to complete any Tracking Courses prior to leaving for international experiences so as not to fall behind schedule while on study trips abroad.

Studying SCM abroad can be both an educational and life-altering experience. Not only will your international business knowledge increase exponentially, but this opportunity to immerse in a different culture and language also offers you an amazing experience that will enable you to develop the necessary skills and attitudes needed for a successful career in SCM.

Western Michigan University students can benefit from numerous excellent SCM-focused programs available to them, such as the Integrated Supply Management Program that offers short-course study trips around the globe – providing an ideal way to truly comprehend and appreciate how global markets impact SCM professionals.


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