Top US Colleges With Most International Students

us colleges with most international students

Each year, thousands of international students enroll in top US colleges, bringing with them cultural diversity, business connections and an international outlook to campus life. Furthermore, they add vitality and vitality to American higher education; contributing both academic excellence as well as providing economic and social advantages.

The 2021-22 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange shows that international student enrollments have rebounded by more than 80% year-over-year to pre-pandemic levels, due to more graduates enrolling in Optional Practical Training (OPT), an experiential work learning program that allows them to remain in their country of study while gaining professional experience related to their field of study.

While many universities continue to experience a decline in applications due to COVID-19 pandemic, others have taken proactive steps to promote their programs and attract international students. Some have made TOEFL or SAT scores optional and offered flexible financial aid packages tailored specifically for international applicants while others have created support services to help students adapt to life on campus.

The New School in Greenwich Village boasts students from 116 nations and 28 different languages spoken among its student body, and offers various programs such as India China Institute, Janey Program in Latin American Studies and Transregional Center for Democratic Studies. Meanwhile Yale is home to students hailing from 118 different nations with special offices to assist international students settling in as well as generous financial aid packages making tuition affordable for many international students.


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