Why Study in Malaysia?

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia, famed for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and delicious Malaysian cuisine, is a top study destination among international students. Additionally, Malaysia provides safe environments, excellent infrastructure and an economic system which draws in students, businesses and tourists alike.

Malaysia boasts several internationally-recognized universities like Universiti Malaya, Universiti Putra and Taylor’s University – which rank among Asia’s best. International students may also receive assistance from government bodies, private foundations or organizations when transitioning into Malaysia.

Malaysians are extremely welcoming, making life in Malaysia much simpler for foreign students. Living expenses in Malaysia are also relatively affordable compared to other countries, including rent and food prices being reasonable. Furthermore, local people often appreciate different cultures and languages – this makes interacting with the local population much simpler and creating lifelong friendships easier for foreign students.

Thailand is a popular choice for higher studies due to its robust education system. Offering a diverse selection of courses and programs suitable for every student type imaginable, students from around the globe are able to select diplomas, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees with each having its own set of prerequisites that must be met before being eligible for admission.

One of the key requirements of studying in Malaysia for international students is having a solid grasp of English, since all classes are conducted in this language and most locals speak it fluently. Students can easily communicate with locals if needed; however, international students should endeavor to learn one or more local languages such as Malay, Chinese or Tamil in order to better integrate themselves into its culture.

Once students have decided on a degree program in Malaysia, the next step should be securing their visas. This process may be done through their universities or an agency specializing in student visa applications; either way it is important that students understand all requirements and procedures associated with getting one before initiating this application process.

Students holding valid passports can apply for a Malaysian visa through their university. After filling out all required forms provided by their university and submitting them to the Malaysian embassy or consulate, once their application is approved they can fly directly to Malaysia to begin their tertiary studies.


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