Best Courses in Ireland For International Students

courses in ireland for international students

Ireland is one of Europe’s top study abroad destinations, known for its world-class universities offering world-class education to international students, its vibrant culture, beautiful natural scenery and vibrant nightlife attracting many international travellers. Ireland also hosts some of the biggest multinational companies and boasts an outstanding health and safety record making it an ideal place for living and studying alike.

Ireland offers international students many courses for study in different fields. Medicine is often chosen due to the opportunity of landing residencies in North America after graduating; journalism can also be an attractive option with top universities offering degrees such as interactive and creative media studies, communications studies and international conflict and peace studies.

Irish universities are well-renowned for providing outstanding student support services. Many are part of networks which connect graduates to internship and employment opportunities post graduation, as well as offering workshops and conferences that equip students with skills essential to career growth.

Most postgraduate courses offered in Ireland are taught in English; however, some are available in Irish Gaelic. It is essential that non-native English speakers meet all language requirements of their course before beginning studies there; students who do not already possess proficiency are strongly advised to enroll in an academic English preparation course beforehand. Health insurance for non-EU students is mandatory as they do not qualify for free medical care from the state.