How to Budget For an Affordable Study Abroad Experience

affordable study abroad

Study abroad experiences can be some of the most exciting, educational and fulfilling opportunities you’ll experience as a college student. But the fees and living costs must also be factored in, making affordable study abroad possible on any budget. With proper research of funding resources and careful planning, affordable study abroad trips can become reality!

Location is the main factor when it comes to studying abroad costs, with programs in more expensive countries costing more than programs in less costly ones, although even within one country the difference may be dramatic. According to ValuePenguin’s database of study abroad experiences Mexico, India and Guatemala provide some of the more economical programs while Singapore, Norway and Switzerland rank highest as far as cost goes.

At the core of any study abroad experience lies cost. Summer programs tend to be cheaper than semester or year-long ones; however, longer programs allow you to accrue more academic credits and may qualify you for larger scholarships.

Do not forget to include a line item for miscellaneous expenses, both fun and practical purchases such as an international cell phone plan with data, health insurance policy or special souvenirs.


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