Orient Spectra World Education Fair 2023

world education fair

The World Education Fair provides an ideal platform for students and university representatives from around the globe to meet. Students can gather invaluable information regarding courses, application procedures, scholarships and accommodation facilities offered by different universities at these events. Furthermore, seminars and presentations on studying abroad also take place during this fair: preparing for academic years abroad as well as adapting to local cultures are offered here.

Education fairs provide an ideal environment for students to meet and converse with alumni who have already studied overseas, providing invaluable insights into life as an international student and giving a more accurate outlook of what to expect if they decide to pursue international degrees.

The inaugural Orient Spectra World Education Fair 2023 is an exclusive global education fair that brings together leading postsecondary institutions from around the globe. Serving as an invaluable opportunity, experts in today’s international education sector share their knowledge and provide insights about latest study-abroad policies and strategies, so students and parents are kept abreast of developments that impact them both directly and indirectly.

Future Link Consultants has been an established student visa consultancy service for 19 years. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at Lucknow’s Government Polytechnic College, Future Link will host their 19th Student Visa Fair under the theme “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” or world as one family, which was promoted at G20 Summit meetings. Admission to this free event is open to students, teachers, parents, and members of their own families.


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