Study Abroad Organizations

study abroad organizations

Study abroad organizations are independent organizations that facilitate and administer study abroad programs for students. Their organizational structures, program models and types, and the services they offer students vary greatly.

An international educational experience provides the essential grounding necessary for success in today’s globalized workforce, and studying abroad offers unique opportunities to experience other cultures beyond what can be gained on an ordinary trip or classroom curriculum. Studying abroad develops problem-solving abilities, increases tolerance for ambiguity and fosters collaborative relationships among various groups – all essential skills essential in today’s environment.

Pace University provides various study abroad options, from short stays during January intersession or spring break, through semester and academic year abroad experiences. Pace works with third-party providers such as CEA and IES Abroad to give its students an immersive cultural learning experience with specially-tailored courses that teach different cultures and languages through specialized classes. Furthermore, these highly structured programs include housing accommodations as well as excursions and cultural experiences.

Colleges also provide their own faculty-led programs, like Goshen College’s Study-Service Team (SST). This 13-week trip, divided into two parts, offers complete cultural immersion and community service work. Wartburg College’s Dier program in Adelaide Australia is perfect for anyone interested in combatting poverty and social inequality.

Some colleges also maintain campuses abroad where their students can enroll at local universities. Middlebury College boasts 16 schools abroad that enable its students to immerse themselves in language and culture of each host nation; each school is overseen by a staff member who provides guidance and supports students.