Study and Work Program in Ireland

study and work program in ireland

Ireland, famed as the land of such writers as Shaw, Swift, Joyce and Yates, offers an abundance of natural beauty, picturesque scenery, welcoming culture and fascinating history to discover. Ireland is a modern European nation with strong international influences; many cities, towns and villages feature bohemian atmospheres perfect for students embarking on study abroad programs in Ireland.

City Language School’s innovative program gives NON EU students the chance to enhance their English level while working part-time during two courses (June to September and mid-December to mid-January). We take great pleasure in offering this invaluable experience for participants, and can assist with CV writing and job searching during their stay in Dublin.

International students studying in Ireland are entitled to work while taking courses that qualify as visa-eligible qualifications and hold immigration permission of Stamp 2 or above. Those seeking employment should obtain a Personal Public Service number (PPS), comply with Universal Social Contribution requirements, pay relevant social insurance premiums and adhere to related labour regulations.

Cost of living in Ireland varies significantly, depending on a student’s lifestyle and choice of accommodation. On average, they should anticipate spending around 75EUR each week for a single room in a shared flat with basic bills included; tuition fees vary from school to school and expenses such as flights or transport should also be taken into consideration when planning expenses related to sightseeing or leisure activities.


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