Which Exam Should I Give to Study Abroad?

which exam should i give to study abroad

Students increasingly choose to study abroad in pursuit of international exposure, subject mastery and networking opportunities. Before making your decision to study abroad, it’s crucial that you do your homework by researching your options and researching what needs to be done for its success. After this comes preparation for entrance exams depending on which country and course you want to pursue – these may range from English proficiency exams through to proficiency exams for specific countries/courses.

Most countries where English is the primary language require that their citizens pass an English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS and PTE to evaluate their English skills and determine their eligibility for college or university admission. These exams serve to test your ability and establish eligibility.

GMAT (Graduate Record Exam) is another popular entrance exam for those planning to study abroad. This standardized test offers graduate and business school admission committees standardized metrics against which applicants can be measured; your GMAT score, along with your academic record and supporting essays will have a great deal of bearing on whether or not they accept your graduate admission application.

If you are interested in studying abroad, speak to a Kanan International advisor about your desired destination and course requirements. They can provide detailed information regarding exams you will have to take, minimum scores required for passing them, as well as what the process involves.