A PhD in Canada For Indian Students

phd in canada for indian students

Canadian universities play an invaluable role in research and development for their economy as well as providing valuable services for businesses. Attaining a doctorate requires years of study leading up to writing the thesis; other types of doctorate degrees (such as professional) typically focus more on practical work or case studies.

Admission to a Canadian PhD programme generally requires proof of your final degree results and Grade Point Average (GPA). Universities often request academic transcripts from your prior university(ies), listing all modules and grades taken therein. Depending on your field of study, additional criteria may include providing scores from tests such as Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT); specific requirements vary between universities.

Your application to any course should include a Statement of Purpose that details why and what will contribute to its success, along with two to three letters of recommendation from academics (please inform these individuals they may be contacted for this purpose). References should also be aware they will be contacted so they may provide accurate accounts of why you suit this institution’s course offerings.

An advanced academic degree, earning a PhD can open doors to employment with government departments, non-profit organisations and private companies across Canada as well as serve as an important step on the road towards permanent residency and citizenship.


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