English Lessons For Polish Speakers

english lessons for polish speakers

English Classes for Polish Speakers

With Poland’s rapid development comes an increasing need for English teachers. No longer considered part of the Soviet bloc, Polish citizens are eager to expand their horizons while honing their English. Teachers with the ability to do so will find plenty of work teaching it in major cities throughout Poland.

Though most teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree, you can still teach in Poland without one. Many of your students may already have been learning for quite some time – though offering English lessons for polish speakers could ensure they grasp as much of it as possible!

Pronunciation is key when learning Polish. Luckily, its alphabet is completely phonetic so once you learn it you’ll instantly know how to pronounce every word or phrase that crosses your path. Furthermore, many words of Latin origin make learning much simpler if you already speak another similar language!

Intonation may be difficult to master, but there are ways of practicing and learning it more quickly. Listening to songs written in Polish and replicating their intonations will help you pick up on all of its different stresses and sounds used throughout its language.


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