Study Abroad MBA – The Tools For Success

Study abroad MBA

An MBA degree enhanced with international experience provides invaluable tools for success in today’s interconnected business world. Study abroad MBAs give MBA candidates access to learning about global business practices as well as cultural context of markets and industry trends – providing them the knowledge needed for long-term success in business.

Full-Time MBA students have the opportunity to spend a quarter studying overseas through the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP), with over 30 partner universities located across Asia, Europe and Latin America offering classes. IBEP will allow you to enroll in courses at your host university while exploring its culture – all under the guidance of Booth faculty members and industry experts.

MBA students also have the option of participating in short-term Global Enrichment trips between semesters or during spring break, or participating in 10-day Random Walk trips in locations all over the globe. These unique opportunities give MBAs an in-depth view of global business environments while expanding their network of professional connections – some trips even qualify for graduate fellowships that may lower their cost of attendance!

Be it an MBA student or experienced business professional, an international study experience will give you the edge needed to excel in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Appreciating various cultures and business practices will make you a more desirable employee while working alongside teammates with diverse backgrounds can lead to increased team productivity.

Studying abroad also gives you a broader view of global economic and political challenges, which will be invaluable as you advance in your career. You will become acquainted with differences in workplace culture between Germany and China as well as understand their customs and traditions that could impact business deals.

An MBA study abroad experience allows you to expand your professional network, creating connections with teaching professionals and fellow students from varying backgrounds. This vibrant network may open doors to future job opportunities or offer guidance toward your professional growth.

Leadership expectations and styles differ between countries, giving you a deeper understanding of what it means to lead in an international environment. Furthermore, you will develop cultural bridges as you gain a broader perspective of global economic issues.

COVID-19 risks should be an integral factor when making decisions about where and when to pursue an MBA, yet international programs have many advantages that should also be taken into account when choosing where and when to study for one. Our top-ranked business schools can be found throughout the globe – so why not go out there and grab them all!


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