UK Student Visa New Rules For Indian Students

uk student visa new rules for indian students

The UK is an attractive option for Indian students seeking higher studies, offering an array of academic programs at world-class universities and a vibrant student community. Furthermore, its rich history and culture make for beautiful countryside living and easy access to leading industries and businesses – but before applying for a UK student visa it’s important to keep these key factors in mind.

Uk Student Visa New Rules For Indian Students

The UK has recently implemented new rules that permit international students to gain work experience after graduating, which can benefit those pursuing courses that lead to specific economic sectors, such as IT or engineering. This will benefit Indian students as they take up jobs post graduation in Britain.

With this policy in effect, Indian graduates entering the UK is expected to increase. Unfortunately, those opting for UK study may not be able to afford it since few jobs offer enough income to cover living costs as well as study fees.

Further, students studying postgraduate research degrees will not be permitted to bring family members with them into the UK, which may discourage some from studying there as many benefit from having family support while studying abroad.