Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad

Study abroad provides the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture while discovering what life can be like on your own. While this experience may be daunting at first, you won’t soon forget it as an incredible one that you won’t soon forget!

Most colleges offer programs to send their students abroad for either a semester or year-long experience. Either they partner with universities there or have study-abroad locations of their own; regardless, they’re here to assist from finding a place to go and how to transfer back credits, often offering money towards plane tickets and housing assistance as well.

Many study abroad programs require participants to create journals, videos, blogs or other projects which can be used as college applications. This can make you stand out to admissions counselors as they love seeing that you have traveled internationally and gained more global perspective.

Explore your heritage while making lifelong friendships by studying where your ancestors came from and meeting distant relatives abroad. Travel can also provide a challenge and reveal new aspects about yourself, teaching you to adjust to a whole new environment that may reveal many insights into who you are as a person and your strengths and weaknesses.

Immersing yourself in another culture will transform how you perceive other people and how they operate, helping you gain greater respect for other cultures while encouraging open-mindedness and trying new things and exploring your interests – maybe you will discover an affinity for hiking, water sports or golf that would otherwise remain dormant!

Once back home, your adventures will provide plenty of captivating tales for friends and family to hear about – perhaps enough to keep an entire dinner party engaged with your tales – along with many amazing memories that will stay with you throughout life.

Experiences like this one provide high school students with an invaluable opportunity to broaden their horizons, enhance college applications, or develop relevant career skills for future success. It will also expand their worldview and help them gain insight into how different cultures operate – an essential skill set in our increasingly connected globalized society.


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