How Can I Study Abroad?

how can i study abroad

Studying abroad is no small undertaking. From finding an appropriate program and getting approval from your parents to finding funding options, the process may seem daunting at first. But with patience and preparation it can become achievable.

Step one of studying abroad should be to decide on an affordable budget and location. Online resources provide invaluable advice on how to study abroad without breaking the bank.

Once you know your budget, select programs that meet both your academic goals and career aspirations – this will maximize your chance of a rewarding study abroad experience.

While researching your host country or city is essential, using resources like Lonely Planet, Let’s Go or The Rough Guide to learn as much as possible about its culture and traditions, understanding its rules and regulations are also vitally important – ignorance of any rules should never be an acceptable excuse – Gonzaga expects all students to abide by our Student Code of Conduct while on site.

Make sure that you have a solid support network in place when studying abroad, whether that is other students on your program or family members who will visit you during your semester abroad. Having someone there will make the journey much smoother! The more people you have behind you, the easier it will be for you to navigate this exciting new chapter in your life!


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