How Do Asians Study?

how do asians study

Answering this question is more complex than it first appears. While Asian students do tend to focus more heavily on academic achievement than their American peers and boast higher GPAs, this is not due to intense study habits but instead is part of their culture; where both family and community place great value on education.

One reason Asian Studies major can be beneficial in many different careers is that it develops skills for critical analysis and communication while giving you access to a diverse cultural background, which opens doors both inside the workplace and out of it.

Our curriculum emphasizes the study of Asia’s vast history and culture as well as their interaction with those of the West. Students gain more than language instruction by taking courses across campus in humanities, social sciences and other disciplines dedicated to studying Asia.

Seaver College general education’s “World Civilizations” requirement encourages students to explore diverse cultural perspectives. Integrating Asian Studies into other requirements helps build knowledge of the world, create intellectual curiosity, become flexible thinkers with global awareness, and increase global engagement. Students gain a better grasp of Asian societies as contributors to human history as a result.


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