How to Apply For Medical Study in Australia

medical study in australia

A career in medicine can be both rigorous, rewarding, and highly sought-after; yet its path presents numerous challenges which aim to ensure that only qualified candidates take up this journey. Australia boasts some of the top medical schools that require rigorous applications processes in order to admit only high achieving students into study programmes.

Minimum requirements for medical studies in Australia are as follows: an Australian school-leaving qualification completed within the past 10 years or its equivalent, meeting an aptitude test such as GAMSAT or MCAT, having successfully passed an interview and undertaking one year of internship as part of your undergraduate medical degree course. Some universities provide pathway degrees that enable aspirant doctors to complete either an undergraduate Bachelor of Medical Science or Health Sciences programme while being guaranteed entry onto their Doctor of Medicine programme.

An interview for medical study in Australia can be one of the most stressful parts of an application process; but with proper preparation and focus it can also be an opportunity for applicants to showcase their personality, motivations, values, and priorities. Researching current healthcare issues in Australia/New Zealand before your interview may prove useful as conversation points; successful applicants will receive their offer through GEMSAS to begin their medical program by November of each year.