International Internships For South African Students

international internships for south african students

Interning abroad can be an incredible way to develop new skills, gain professional experience and form valuable connections. There are various programs specifically tailored for international students that provide invaluable experience that will set them apart from their fellow candidates.

South Africa boasts an intoxicating blend of global business and culture that stands the test of time, which is best showcased by Johannesburg where towering skyscrapers meet breathtaking African culture to form an engaging contrast.

Are You Pursuing a Career in Wildlife Conservation, Community Development, Education or Healthcare in South Africa? An internship here will give you invaluable hands-on experience that will allow you to pursue these aspirations with greater ease. Furthermore, you’ll gain insight into how the country addresses health inequities among marginalized and underserved communities in both urban and rural settings – not forgetting townships!

Cape Town, known as “Mother City”, provides the perfect setting for this program. In addition to your internship placement, you will take AMLT-GE 2073: Education and Social Reform in South Africa (3 credits). This course will equip you for fieldwork by helping identify suitable sites, contacts and research questions for individual projects.


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