MS in Computer Science – Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most exciting, daunting, and life-altering decisions a student makes in his or her lifetime. Before making their choice, however, it’s crucial that all aspects are carefully considered before selecting their country of choice for an MS CS program – the following tips will assist them with this endeavour.

The United States has long been the top study destination for thousands of international students from around the world, offering world-renowned universities like Harvard, MIT Cambridge, Caltech (California Institute of Technology), Columbia and Yale Universities as well as comprehensive support programs, generous funding options for international students on OPT/CPT work permits and hands-on instruction through OPT/CPT hands-on instruction programs and more.

Canada is becoming an increasingly popular choice for international students looking to study a Master of Computer Science degree. Some of the top institutions include University of British Columbia, Waterloo and McGill universities that provide excellent teaching and research in areas like computational biology, AI robotics and more.

Australia is another popular option for students interested in studying MS in computer science abroad. Home to some of the world’s premier universities and offering various scholarships and grants to its residents, tuition fees here are extremely cost-effective for Indian and international students alike.

As you consider which country would best fit your MS in Computer Science/Computer Engineering studies, it is advisable to seek guidance from both your Computer Science/Computer Engineering adviser and GLO advisor. They can help identify which distribution or theme requirements, major/minor credits or distribution credits could be met through taking classes abroad.

Once you know which courses you would like to take abroad, it’s time to start planning. It is advisable that this process begin during Sophomore year or earlier so you can organize your semester(s) strategically – in particular to find upper division course work that counts towards departmentals for your degree program abroad.

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