New Zealand Medical Universities

New Zealand offers safe environments with world-class education systems that offer international students world-class medical degrees. The curriculum features smart classroom training, individual attention, advanced practical exposure and research projects; English serves as the language of instruction at universities while their internal student associations ensure high safety standards for international students.

Instead of enrolling directly after earning an undergraduate degree in the United States, New Zealand MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) programs require six years for completion. Students work closely with patients while receiving training at hospitals or healthcare settings throughout this timeframe.

Candidates seeking entry to an MBBs university in New Zealand must meet certain qualifications, such as possessing a high GPA, UCAT score and language proficiency. International applicants should pass either IELTS or TOEFL with at least 7.0 scores – in addition to providing an SOP and LORs.

The UCAT is a mandatory entrance exam for medical aspirants in New Zealand and begins months before classes commence. Universities usually offer two main intakes: fall and winter intakes for international students. You may apply to either intake depending on which university it is hosted by; either online or by visiting directly to complete your application form. Once accepted by admissions committee you’ll need to pay an enrolment fee before enrolling.


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