Study Law in France in English

Study law in france in english

France offers international students looking to study law an unparalleled academic experience. The country boasts an impressive legal and political heritage and provides a stimulating learning environment. French universities are well known for their expertise in areas like European law, French law and comparative law – in fact many offer Master of Law degrees that give international competitors an edge.

Our new double degree in English and French Law brings together the expertise of two world-class universities to give you an advanced understanding of two of the world’s most prominent legal systems – civil law and common law – while offering you the chance to spend part of your third year studying at one of their partner universities abroad to expand your language and cultural understanding of Francophone communities.

Queen Mary offers you a solid grounding in English legal principles including contract, land and legal theory. Your third and fourth years will then be spent at Sciences Po in Paris studying French law, comparative law and EU law – qualifying you to practice as a lawyer across Europe.


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