Study MDs in Canada

study mds in canada

Study mds in Canada is the dream of many students around the globe due to its world-class education and amenities, making it an attractive destination for international students looking for career advancement. Canada boasts one of the best healthcare systems and high living standards as well as vibrant culture with outdoor activities aplenty to enjoy; moreover, Canada hosts some of the finest universities, giving international students plenty of study options available to them.

Dentistry in Canada is an acclaimed profession with plenty of opportunities for foreigners looking to settle in Canada. However, to practice dentistry successfully in this country you must possess the appropriate educational qualification – for those from India with BDS degrees it’s imperative that they complete exams to gain Canadian licensure to practice dentistry in this field.

MDS students at RMC must take two zero-credit courses during their time here: DS577: The Military and Politics of International Security and DS568: Global Power and Institutions to fulfill professional military education requirements for JCSP DL students without showing up on your transcript. They will also complete two graduate credits which they select with advice from their Faculty Advisor and are dependent upon availability.


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