Top 10 European Universities That Teach in English

Europe boasts many higher education institutions that provide at least some bachelors and masters degrees taught entirely or partially in English, whether located in countries with large native populations of English speakers or more diverse enclaves such as Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo). Each school boasts excellent bachelor’s programs which can compete with those found at American universities.

European universities that teach in english do not charge high tuition fees to international students compared to many US universities; indeed, they’re even cheaper! Admission into one of these European institutions typically requires exceptional academic performance – so we have handpicked 10 economical European institutions who teach english that you should definitely consider when making your application.

These top European universities in English are among the most acclaimed and competitive institutions for undergraduate and graduate degrees, competing directly with American institutions in quality of degrees offered. Furthermore, these top institutions boast exceptional support services for international students while some even boast innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge research in their area of study.

The uniRank Tuition Range Matrix provides prospective students with an approximate idea of their annual tuition costs at various universities. This tool gives prospective students an approximate idea of tuition expenses at each program/course level at that university, using data published by representatives at each campus.


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