Why Engineering Students Study Abroad

engineering study abroad

Engineering can have a profound impact on our world, whether through bridge building, car driving or designing skyscrapers. But developing engineering skills takes more than simply practice: developing them requires taking an outside perspective gained through traveling or studying abroad – something many engineering students find immensely beneficial.

Undertaking engineering courses abroad will not only offer you an invaluable perspective, but it will also teach you to adapt more readily to new environments – something employers highly value in employees. Furthermore, taking such classes overseas provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness how your work is used worldwide as well as widen your network of professional connections making you a more desirable candidate in the job market.

Engineers often study abroad during their freshman summer to stay on track for graduation within four years; semester-long programs may also be an option. At Boston University Engineering Advisors can help find you the appropriate program, from faculty-led and affiliated courses to summer or semester exchange exchange programs.

Knowing different cultures and their engineering practices are an integral part of becoming a great engineer – plus it makes learning much more fun! Plus, their real-life applications will leave a greater imprint on society; be it designing a road in Mexico or testing car safety in London.


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