Work and Study in the USA

work and study in the usa

Studying in the US can be an attractive option for many students, yet its high cost can make pursuing it challenging. Working alongside their studies not only reduces costs but also gives them valuable work experience that could help them secure better jobs upon graduation.

International students on F-1 or M-1 visas may work under certain restrictions on- and off-campus during their academic program, providing opportunities to take full advantage of them without breaking the law. Students should learn how to best take advantage of these opportunities without breaking it.

On-campus jobs at universities provide international students with an incredible opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in their area of study while supplementing financial income and adding experience that will prove useful in future employment applications. Students can benefit greatly from employment at university front desks, libraries or helping professors with research – on campus jobs can give international students invaluable hands-on work experience that could prove extremely beneficial in future employment applications.

Off-campus CPT can be an invaluable way for international students to gain relevant work experience and bolster their resumes. The first step to pursuing off-campus CPT should be reaching out to your Designated School Official (DSO), the person who has been part of your study abroad journey from day one. Your DSO can assist in understanding how your university specifically manages on and off-campus employment arrangements as well as any restrictions associated with each form.


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