Cheap Universities in France For International Students

cheap universities in france

Many students dream of studying abroad in Europe but hesitate due to fears it will be too expensive. But that needn’t be the case; France offers top-ranking universities at very reasonable costs for international students.

We’ll explore some of France’s budget universities which offer English-taught Bachelors and Masters degrees at significantly reduced tuition costs compared to similar programs elsewhere. This article will also touch upon cost of living considerations in France as well as scholarship opportunities available to international students that can lower your tuition bills.

University of Orleans This public institution in Orleans-la-Source, France currently comprises over 1,165 teachers and 19,026 students – numbers are growing steadily – and boasts one of only few in France that specializes in languages and cultures from across the world; both graduate and undergraduate programmes here primarily center around humanities studies with an emphasis on social sciences.


The Ecole de Management de La Vienne offers international students one of the more cost-effective MBA programmes in France at just EUR14,700 annually. This school boasts an outstanding track record for equipping its students with managerial and technical knowledge that will advance their careers.

Students looking for the best of both worlds: French culture and business – should consider studying at this French university with its vibrant student life and accommodating staff who will give all the assistance needed to maximize your time there.