Cost of Studying Medicine in Ireland

cost of studying medicine in ireland

Many students opt to study medicine overseas, with Ireland being an increasingly popular destination. Ireland boasts three medical universities that rank among the world’s top 700 and provide international students with affordable tuition structures and outstanding educations.

Duration of Course varies between four and six years depending on program and level of entry, with NMC and WHO accreditation for students who graduate from one of Ireland’s premier medical schools. Students obtaining this degree enjoy high demand worldwide.

Students entering directly from high school, with one or more years of university study, or as soon-to-be college graduates can apply. All prerequisites must be met for the program chosen. For a successful application process it is vital that preparation begins early – including studying for HPAT.

Tuition fees for medical degrees tend to mirror US and Canadian tuition costs, with living expenses being significantly more costly in Europe than North America.

There have been various claims made about how much it costs the State to train doctors, and that their presence drains both health services and economies. Many of these claims rely on misleading or incomplete numbers; one such figure suggests training a single doctor could cost EUR300,000. But this number includes costs related to study as well as community participation by students during training.


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