Irish Student Visa Checklist

ireland student visa checklist

Have you just been accepted by your dream academic institution in Ireland and are planning to relocate there soon? Before doing so, however, you need to complete one final task before leaving home – your visa application. Thankfully for you, this article provides guidance through this process of creating your Irish student visa checklist.

Irish Immigration’s most vital requirement for student visa applications is a letter from your university verifying your acceptance into a full-time course, outlining its name, duration, fees structure and duration.

Proof of funds necessary for covering the costs of living in Ireland for an academic year should also be presented, in the form of bank statements showing immediate access to at least EUR7,000 plus tuition fees – this figure should come directly from you or your sponsor and should come from multiple sources as evidence.

As part of your application to Ireland for studies, two recent passport sized photographs must be submitted. They should feature white backgrounds with at least 80% face coverage. A notary public stamp affidavit from both you and/or your sponsor stating your intention to return home following completion of studies must also be presented, along with evidence that any financial support from Ireland won’t become an obligation upon its return home after studies.


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