Low Budget Universities in the USA

Low budget universities

Every international student at one point or another considers attaining higher education, yet the high cost of tuition fees often dissuades them. Therefore, it is vital for students to search for universities which provide value for money in addition to tuition fees; students should factor in other expenses like living costs when making this decision. In this article we’ll identify some of the least costly universities worth consideration.

CUNY: Ranked among the world’s top 100 universities by QS, City University of New York offers affordable tuition rates to international students as well as a merit scholarship program based on academic merit. Furthermore, students can select courses including history, business administration, biology, economics and liberal arts for study.

If you are searching for an economical university experience in Europe, Czech Republic offers several great choices. Masaryk University in Brno has over 6,000 international students and is student-friendly; their English-language programs span Foundation level to Diploma level across four schools: Art & Design; Business & Management; Education; and Social Sciences at tuition costs estimated around USD 5000/year.

University of the People in China provides affordable English-language programs at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, including an array of interdisciplinary foundational studies for Business, Education, Law and Social Sciences majors before choosing your chosen major. Tuition costs around USD 4,800 annually at both universities with on-campus residences offering convenient living expenses reduction.

South Africa is another great option for students on a tight budget looking for university study abroad opportunities. Renowned for its natural beauty and turbulent history, South Africa also provides very affordable living costs – tuition fees at University of Cape Town only cost USD 6,600 per year! Students looking abroad will find South Africa an affordable place to learn.

Leap Scholar: Leap Scholar is a one-stop platform designed to assist those dreaming of studying abroad with everything from shortlisting colleges and preparing for IELTS exams, to drafting SOPs and LORs.

With so many affordable universities available in the US, it is now easier than ever to pursue your educational dreams without taking out heavy loans. Through careful research and dedication it should be possible to locate one that suits both your budget and aspirations needs – don’t let tuition fees deter you from realizing your ambitions; start searching now – good luck!


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