Medical Courses in Canada After 12th

medical courses in canada after 12th

Canada is among the preferred study abroad locations for medical studies. It offers students an array of benefits such as affordable tuition fees, postgraduate work permits and picturesque settings – not to mention its high standard of living and various scholarships for their education.

After 12th, one of the most sought-after medical courses available to Canadian students after 12th is Medical Bachelor of Biomedical Science or MBBS. This healthcare degree covers major healthcare areas like pharmacology, anatomy, microbiology and physiology – among others. Furthermore, its rigorous studies and high-level research make this one of the highest paying courses worldwide.

Apart from MBBS, Canada also offers other medical science degrees that you can pursue. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is another useful degree – covering major topics in dentistry while leading to promising career opportunities. You could also pursue Bachelors of Science Nursing and/or Medical Lab Technology degrees – see also below for further options available to Canadian students.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) programs take between three and five years to complete and are widely recognized worldwide, equivalent to India’s MBBS degree.

Canadian medical schools also offer short medical courses designed specifically for students without Maths as one of their subjects in grade 12. These courses can help gain experience in healthcare while opening doors to employment once you complete your degree program.


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