Study Abroad Consultancy Services

study abroad consultancy services

Study abroad consultancy services provide invaluable assistance to both students and parents when taking the step to study abroad. Offering an array of services under one roof makes the whole process far simpler compared to trying to do it on your own. They can be reached via email, phone, or by visiting their office and can guide you as well as manage all necessary paperwork for application purposes.

Education Consultants can provide you with a list of universities and courses that match your field of interest, budget and career goals. They also help select a course and university which best suit both factors – budget and goals alike. Furthermore, education consultants offer assistance in exploring financial aid such as application fee waivers, scholarships and educational loans while creating an honest Statement of Purpose that increases chances of acceptance into foreign universities.

An effective consultant must possess in-depth knowledge of universities, their admission processes and fees, excellent interpersonal skills and communicate clearly. When hiring a consultant it’s wise to do your research first and read reviews; many consultants may promise much but deliver nothing – make sure you choose someone with proven credentials in this industry!

Another essential factor when searching for a consultancy is an open pricing system. While most provide their core services free, specialized services like aptitude tests and test preparation as well as SOP/personal essay writing may incur fees.


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