Study in Asia in English

study in asia in english

Asia, as the largest continent of Earth, boasts an expansive and dynamic culture. Home to some of the fastest-growing economies and significant industry development, Asian universities feature an innovative interdisciplinary learning approach comparable to leading universities on other continents. Furthermore, each Asian country features vibrant multicultural communities, boundless career prospects, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking architectural heritage sites – an unrivaled opportunity to study!

Many international students choose Asia for its rich history and cultures, deepen their understanding of international issues, expand their network and develop future career prospects. Furthermore, Asian universities are known for their rigorous curricula and exceptional professors; several top Asian institutions such as Tsinghua University even made it onto the Times Higher Education World University Rankings!

Asia University’s Center for English Language Education fosters internationalism — the belief that people from different nations should cooperate and understand one another — through communication and knowledge-sharing. We teach our students English within its cultural context to foster this goal and to understand other perspectives; especially important when most populations speak English as their first language.


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