Top Universities in California for International Students

universities in California for international students

California, famous for its stunning scenery and ideal weather, ranks first among U.S. states for hosting international students. California boasts some of the best universities worldwide as well as an active college culture.

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the premier educational institutions in America and attracts an enormous student body every year. Specializing in natural and applied sciences with an emphasis on computer science and entrepreneurship, Berkeley attracts some 80,000 undergraduate students each year.

Arizona State University (ASU), known for its research and innovation, is another top-rated school in Arizona. A certified NASA national space grant institute, with world-class faculty that includes five Nobel laureates and seven Pulitzer Prize winners among their ranks.

Stanford University is a popular choice among international students interested in engineering, arts and medicine studies. As a private institution with an impeccable global reputation it offers international students an ideal place to learn their discipline.

There are also a wide variety of master’s and doctoral degrees offered throughout the state, covering topics such as business administration, law, medicine and information technologies.

To find the ideal university, begin by identifying what degree program you would like to pursue and creating a list of schools offering it. Next, narrow down this list based on variables like enrollment numbers, admission standards and tuition costs before visiting campuses to get an understanding of campus life.


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