Study Abroad Counselling

study abroad counselling

Study abroad counselling services assist students with every aspect of applying to universities abroad. Trained counsellors offer assistance and possess extensive knowledge about all of the countries offering studies; plus many have themselves been international students themselves so can understand any difficulties that students encounter while applying.

These services assist with university selection by shortlisting several universities based on your interests, skills and qualifications – making the task of choosing your college less daunting. They can also assist with application procedures and visa guidance – offering information about available scholarships to reduce tuition fees as well as help preparing financial documents and applying for high merit scholarships on behalf of the student.

Educational counsellors can also be invaluable if you don’t meet the admission criteria of your desired college or university. They can advise on foundation and pre-degree courses that could prepare you for what course you wish to study, as well as applying on your behalf to multiple universities to increase your odds of getting in.

Finally, they can offer helpful hints for your time overseas – this might include how to deal with mental health issues, prepare for cultural adjustments and budget your expenses. These insights can make the experience more pleasurable and give a great starting point for your study abroad journey!


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