Study Abroad Jobs in Europe

Study Abroad Jobs in Europe

Employers value employees who can effectively navigate and analyze global issues. Therefore, learning to communicate across cultures and borders – which can be learned while studying abroad. No matter if you’re an undergraduate student or experienced professional, Europe offers plenty of job opportunities tailored specifically for your skillset and interests.

No matter your goal–whether that be becoming a leader in your field, broadening your perspective or honing communication skills–there are ample opportunities available to you. By dedicating yourself to learning about other countries and cultures, studying abroad provides invaluable experience that can lead to a rewarding career path. Returnees often report greater feelings of confidence and independence after returning home.

If you want to work while studying, search for programs offering job placement assistance or internship opportunities. CIEE’s Teaching English in a Homestay program provides an ideal way to experience European culture while earning part-time income – live with a family in Italy or France for three months and tutor 15 hours each week with their children while your lodging and meals are covered by your program fee!

Also, some EU countries allow students traveling on visas to work as long as their working hours don’t go beyond legal limits. From entrepreneurs looking for their next big thing to students who simply want some extra pocket money – there are jobs in Europe for students that fit your lifestyle and budget perfectly!


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