Study in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic

For students seeking an adventure abroad, Czech Republic offers an ideal destination. Boasting vibrant cultural events and some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes, its diverse culture boasts unique languages, fascinating histories, tasty foods and beers that provide students with plenty of learning, relaxation and fun opportunities. With numerous universities offering courses taught entirely in English – making the country so sought-after as an international study abroad destination – making studying there so appealing.

Czech Republic boasts over 70 higher education institutions – both private and state universities – boasting 43,000 international students, making it one of the most desired study destinations in Europe. Students may select from hundreds of degrees with various teaching methodologies available.

Universities in the Czech Republic have earned international renown for their research over recent years. Academics from Czech universities have pioneered cutting-edge laser systems, biomedical materials and mathematical models used in natural sciences – many of these discoveries having a profound effect on human lives worldwide.

Czech universities are known for their pioneering work in medical technology. For instance, they were instrumental in developing CT scanners used in hospitals and MRI machines for diagnosis. Furthermore, Czech universities have earned themselves an exceptional reputation in architecture; some of their most stunning examples of modern Czech design can be seen within Czech university walls.

In the Czech Republic, education quality is exceptionally high with many students scoring top marks on university entrance exams and universities being equipped with modern laboratories and equipment. Furthermore, most teachers possess degrees from foreign institutions bringing with them fresh perspectives and techniques into the classrooms.

Students seeking more practical experiences will find plenty of opportunities in Ireland with multinationals such as Amazon, IBM, HP, Lego and Johnson & Johnson offering internships or scholarships to local graduates who studied there.

Living in the Czech Republic can be relatively economical when compared with other European countries. Students should budget around PS250-540 per month to cover accommodation, food and transport costs – this amount may differ depending on where they reside and their chosen program.

Before applying to study in the Czech Republic, students should become aware of tuition fees and financial requirements that they may face. These vary according to school and nationality – non-EU students often face more stringent requirements. Furthermore, non-EU students must demonstrate they possess at least 15 times their minimum monthly income from prior months for their first month in country; to find more out, visit your university or international office who will likely have calculators at hand that can assist.