Studying Medicine in the UK

studying medicine in the uk

Studying medicine is one of the most challenging and competitive courses to enter, yet thousands are accepted each year. Applicants must demonstrate academic ability as well as have strong interest and relevant work experience in healthcare environments; additionally they will be required to pass a UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test).

Undergraduate medical degrees (usually called MBBS or MBChB in the UK) typically take five years to complete. The first two years consist of preclinical studies while three to four years involve clinical rotations at hospitals. Once you graduate, however, a two-year Foundation Programme – similar to residency programs in the US – must also be successfully completed before provisionally registering with the General Medical Council to practice in the UK.

Admission into UK medical programs requires careful preparation of all application components and high scores on both the BMAT and UKCAT examinations. Most universities also require interviews – often held on campus but sometimes via Skype/video conference – in order to assess candidates. Due to this lengthy evaluation process, it’s wise to start your preparation early.

SI-UK can assist with all aspects of your medicine course application process, from guidance on filling out a UCAS form and writing your personal statement, to assistance with scheduling an interview with our London-based advisors. Contact our team now and arrange for an initial consultation!


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