Why Study China?

why study china

As the center of world economics shifts east, understanding their culture will prove immensely advantageous to your career and life in general. Through communication with people there, you will develop worldwide relationships that could open doors in your career development and open up unexpected possibilities in life.

China is an affordable study abroad destination for Americans, both tuition fees and housing costs are relatively inexpensive; food costs are also exceptionally reasonable – giving you more spending money for travel or other fun pursuits.

China, one of the world’s most populous nations, boasts an amazing culture and landscapes to enjoy. You’ll find everything from ancient history and modern civilization, breathtaking natural beauty and buzzing nightlife in its capital Beijing; or visit Harbin in northeast China to visit their annual Ice Festival and ski or explore ice sculptures – you will never run out of ways to discover in China!

Learning Chinese will open doors to communication with billions of people around the globe and will give you a deeper insight into its culture and people – making your time in China more enjoyable and fulfilling! Furthermore, studies have demonstrated the health benefits associated with second language acquisition, such as improved memory retention, increased attention span and slowing cognitive decline.


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