Why Study in Europe?

study in europe for indian students

European universities draw students from around the globe due to their lower tuition fees and internationally recognized degrees, plus living costs that are considerably less expensive than in North America and Great Britain.

Students studying in Europe also experience an array of cultures due to work-integrated learning programs provided at most institutes and the vast geographical diversity, which has transformed many cities and towns into multicultural melting pots. Most European countries also feature temperate climates with warm summers and cool winters that provide ideal surroundings for international students adjusting.

According to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, approximately 34,864 Indian students are studying abroad at foreign universities in Europe – this number has more than tripled from 4.44 lakh ten years earlier! Reasons behind their popularity among Indian students include affordable tuition rates, lower living costs and worldwide recognition.

Germany stands out as an attractive study destination for international students from India because there are no tuition fees charged in public universities for English-taught degree programmes taught in English, making Germany an attractive place to attend university. Furthermore, Germany provides several scholarships such as DAAD scholarships to support its international student community.

Austria is another popular study abroad destination for international students. Boasting world-class public universities and offering an experience that is safe, welcoming and conducive for study abroad students from around the globe, Austria provides an affordable cost of living despite being one of the wealthiest countries worldwide; plus boasts an efficient transport system, as well as popular ski resorts.