A Student Visa Lawyer Can Help

student visa lawyer

International students looking to further their studies in the US require a student visa in order to enter. Although the process might seem straightforward, it can often become complex due to unfamiliarity with immigration law and associated processes. A good student visa lawyer will offer guidance, assistance and expert guidance throughout this complex journey.

Student visa attorneys can assist in selecting the appropriate visas for their clients by considering factors like country of origin, purpose for visiting and long-term plans. Furthermore, they can assist clients with filing for changes of status or renewing visas; and should they be denied, help file an appeal to the embassy.

The F visa series is for academic students wishing to attend universities in the US. Students on this visa should demonstrate they have sufficient funds for themselves and the proposed course of study, in addition to complying with its regulations and avoiding engaging in any unauthorized employment activities.

Students hoping to transition into permanent residency after finishing their studies must qualify for one of the available nonimmigrant visas – H-1B, E-1 or O-1 are among the most popular choices – before being considered for permanent residency status in the US. An employer or the student themselves should file or have filed on their behalf an I-129 petition along with all supporting documents and fees as soon as they complete studies; should it be accepted they will receive an approval that allows for their change of status to take place.


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