List of University Accept GRE Score

List of Universities Accept GRE Score is the standard entrance exam used by students seeking graduate admissions at universities throughout the US and worldwide. There is a wide range of GRE scores accepted by universities; each applicant should choose one that best reflects them and their application profile – such as university, program, course of study or any other criteria they need to fulfill for admission considerations. A high GRE score can cover some weaknesses in your application profile (for instance a lower undergraduate GPA), however major flaws will still need to be dealt with; therefore ideally your target university admissions criteria should average out your GRE score as much as possible –

Your GRE score directly affects your chance of entering an elite university; however, its exact value depends on which university accepts students based on averages and requirements set out by them. One way of estimating what GRE score will work for you is to look at past applicants for your target programme or visit their official website to view average requirements for admissions purposes.

Some universities, especially top tier ones, only accept certain GRE scores – typically those above 295 mark – while others might accept those ranging between 290-300 score range.

Below is a selection of universities accepting GRE scores between 200-250. They rank highly in QS World University Rankings and offer various MS and MBA programs; moreover, these universities boast academically strong faculties as well as attractive facilities that attract students from around the globe.

University of Louisville

The University of Louisville is a public research university and one of the premier institutions in the US, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with outstanding teaching and research capabilities. Their extensive international network boasts students from over 100 nations.

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the premier universities in America and boasts an excellent reputation for both teaching quality and facilities. Offering many master’s and postgraduate degree programs as well as having various areas of specialization; its GRE score cut-off is particularly high, making this institution a top choice among Indian students.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens is a top 100 US university, best known for its engineering, computer science and management programs. Home to over 5000 graduate and undergrad students from around the globe; highly selective admission process means most admitted have GRE scores above 300! If an MBA degree is on your horizon then consider Stevens as an option!


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