MBA Courses in New Zealand

If you aspire to becoming a business executive or working for top companies, an MBA degree can be extremely useful. This two-year postgraduate degree teaches business leadership skills while helping participants make better decisions. When selecting your university for this course, look for courses in your chosen subject area.

New Zealand universities provide both full-time and part-time MBA courses, as well as online programs for those working full-time. These courses have many benefits for their participants including small class sizes and the chance to network with fellow students. Most universities also provide internship opportunities so you gain hands-on experience within real world businesses.

New Zealand boasts some of the world’s finest business schools. Its MBA courses are well-recognized internationally and can open doors to lucrative job opportunities, while remaining affordable for Indian students – tuition fees, accommodation costs and living expenses are included as costs that must be covered; an education loan may help cover these costs.

Otago Business School is one of the premier MBA colleges in New Zealand, boasting one of the longest full-time MBA programmes – 16 months if taking advantage of full-time enrollment – covering subjects such as digital transformation and technology readiness, engaging innovation ecosystems and innovative-driven leadership. Otago has earned global renown, ranking at 151-200 on QS University Rankings 2020.

Otago Business School boasts an outstanding teaching team composed of adjunct professors from top global business schools as well as businessmen with decades of practical experience. It also features smaller classes for easier interaction with lecturers and understanding current management trends.


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