Understanding the Procedure to Study Abroad After 12th

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting life-altering decisions a student can make after 12th. It opens your world to new cultures, sharpens your language abilities, and allows you to choose your career path freely. Furthermore, studying abroad builds strong adaptive abilities which make you a valuable asset in today’s global job market.

Before deciding to apply to a foreign university, it is crucial that you understand the process thoroughly as there are certain criteria you must meet to be considered for admission. These include selecting an appropriate university and clearing entrance exams before applying for scholarships – Kanan International provides assistance and guidance in preparation for these examinations.

To study abroad, students must pass specific exams related to their desired field. These could include language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL; standardised tests like the SAT/ACT; subject-based exams or even scholarships available to them to cover tuition fees and living costs.

Students should select a university that fits both academic requirements and financial limitations, with tuition costs depending on factors like country, university and course – some of the more affordable countries include Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. Ultimately, to maximize your study abroad experience and ensure its maximum benefit – be open-minded, accept the culture, stay organized, interact with fellow students while keeping in touch with family and friends!


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