Best Countries to Work and Study in

Studying abroad can be an amazing and energizing experience; however, it can also be challenging and overwhelming. From managing cultural differences to managing schoolwork/work balance requirements, students and professionals need support while away from home.

Student and professional alike often find that working while they study can help them overcome academic and professional hurdles more easily. Furthermore, the experience gained while living and studying abroad can make an impressive addition to a resume or CV as it demonstrates independence, maturity, and flexibility that employers value highly.

As students consider which countries to work and study in, budget should always be kept in mind. Cost of living differences across regions can have a dramatic effect on how much students can make. High cost of living tends to be seen more commonly in Western Europe and Northern America while more cost-conscious areas include South and Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The United Kingdom is an ideal study destination with its high-quality universities, historic landmarks, and diverse communities. Students enrolled in full-time academic programs are allowed to work up to 20 hours each week while studying. You may find employment in service/hospitality industries or call centers; it is essential that research be done regarding visa requirements before trying to secure employment overseas and additionally make sure your health insurance and phone plan cover international travel costs.