Duke Study Abroad Fees

study abroad fees

Costs associated with studying abroad depend on various aspects, including program type, length and location. Students should thoroughly consider all available programs before making their decisions and thoroughly reviewing any fees attached to each study abroad program.

Students considering study away programs must also factor in additional costs related to studying abroad (flights, passport fees). Semester exchange programs tend to be less costly than shorter term ones but both will incur airfare costs and travel-related costs.

CIEE programs are among the most cost-effective international study abroad programs in terms of tuition for international students; however, living expenses may still be prohibitively expensive; an average semester study abroad cost in Prague averages approximately $20K while that in Dublin ranges up to 23K.

Direct enrollment can often be the more cost-effective choice as it entails enrolling directly at your host university in your chosen country without incurring middleman fees and home tuition costs. However, this approach can be more complex and time consuming.

Third-party provider fees tend to be higher, but their one-stop approach can make applying easier and cover housing and insurance needs. They may even help students secure funding to cover tuition and university fees.

While on an approved Duke study abroad program, students maintain their identity as Duke students and access library services, information technology resources, financial aid packages and student services as usual. Pitzer work study may still be utilized during such programs.


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