English Speaking Universities in Europe

english speaking universities in europe

There are many English speaking universities across Europe where you can pursue either your bachelor’s or master’s degree in English. The UK boasts the most universities offering such programs, followed by Germany and Netherlands. Other European nations also provide these types of degree programmes but less frequently.

Some renowned universities in Europe offer English-taught programs for international students, including Sciences Po in Paris. At Sciences Po, students take an interdisciplinary approach to politics and public administration – its graduates have gone on to become leaders in their respective fields. Other universities such as John Cabot University of Rome offer all undergraduate courses taught exclusively in English.

Maastricht University in the Netherlands is another popular option, offering a diverse range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees across academic disciplines. With an innovative curriculum blending practical with theoretical approaches to subjects like social sciences, business administration, arts culture and economics; along with an emphasis on internationalisation – this university stands out.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium is one of the world’s top universities, boasting an outstanding selection of bachelor and master degree programs that include Earth Science, Economics & Statistics, Physics as well as double degree options with US & UK institutions.


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