New Zealand Medicine University

New Zealand is one of the premier places in the world to study medicine, offering cutting-edge technology and ample opportunity for practical experience. Additionally, classes are taught in English which makes understanding material easier for international students as well as offering low costs of living and scholarships to cover the expense.

The University of Otago is New Zealand’s oldest medical school, boasting an acclaimed tradition of excellence in health professional education. Internationally renowned for its degree programmes in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and pharmacy as well as its research and clinical activities; regional campuses exist in Dunedin, Auckland Wellington Christchurch. Teaching programs at tertiary institutions across New Zealand.

To enter a New Zealand medical school, applicants must achieve the minimum GPA (Grade Point Average). Students achieving such an impressive GPA will be invited to participate in a multiple mini-interview (MMI), where selection criteria include your grades from four core courses as well as UCAT ANZ exam scores and MMI results.

Domestic Australian and New Zealand students who meet certain criteria, such as being from rural backgrounds or having low socioeconomic statuses, may qualify for a Commonwealth Supported Non-Bond place that covers most tuition fees at medical schools.


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